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Louie Vega – Defected Broadcasting House (Live from The Basement)

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  1. Louie…you ain't right!
    Club Zanzibar Newark, NJ with YOU, DJ Chill, Kenny Dope, Tony Humphries and so many more.
    My girl came in with me one night with 6 inch heels and we ground them thangs down to FLIPFLOPS!

    We need a come together nationally but with a twist…A Piggyback Podcast with House DJ's live feeding to clubs in every city that supports it, rent a vacant building if we have to. With all the pain, fear and uncertainty that is in the atmosphere, it's time dance, focus and show love. I am willing to throw my 2's and fews to help make it become a phenomenom. The awake are hungry and it needs to be crowd funded with some of the proceeds to help victims of violence.